Font Locator


Font Locator is a utility app for iPhone and iPad developers.

If you are not developing apps for iPhone and iPad, it is of virtually no use to you.

Font Locator concentrates on the specific task of choosing fonts for user-interface customisation: What fonts are available? What does the size look like on a device? What does the font look like against different backgrounds when formatted plain and with shadows?

The user interface of Font Locator is designed to be fast, fluid and easy to use, taking advantage of landscape and portrait orientations to select your font.


Select from font families and fonts available on a device.
Preview fonts as a block of text, labels or table view.
Change font size quickly with pinch gesture and fine tuning using a stepper.
View font against different backgrounds using plain and shadow styles.
Get just the information you need to use the font in an app.
Share the code needed to use the font via mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 19 Jul 2013 09.43.54

Font Locator is designed for iPhone but will run on iPad. It works on iOS 6.0 and above.


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