Tint Factory

Tint Factory is a utility app for iPhone that makes it easy to create the foundation of balanced color schemes.

Start with a random theme, then adjust your base color using RGB or HSB sliders. Browse through different color combinations based on well-established color theory. Preview the themes against a white or black background, create web-safe schemes and share via Mail, Twitter or Facebook.

Tint Factory is easy to use and is designed to make it easy to try out new ideas for color themes. Ideal for web and graphic designers who want a pocket color reference.

You won’t use Tint Factory to create finished color palettes, but you will use it to try out ideas that you can use as the basis of a color scheme for a website, icon or app.

  • Browse themes with a simple scrolling preview.
  • View previews and themes against a light or dark background.
  • Adjust base color with RGB and HSB sliders.
  • Choose from nine different pages of generated color schemes.
  • Restrict a theme to web safe colors.
  • Lock finished themes to avoid accidental changes.
  • Share themes via mail, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Display colour parameters using scales of 0-100, 0-255 or 0.0-1.0.

Note that Tint Factory uses additive color theory to generate themes for on-screen work. It is not designed for print, paint or interior design.

Tint Factory is designed for iPhone but will run on iPad. Requires iOS 6.


Themes are displayed in the theme browser which gives easy access to all your themes. The background of the theme browser can be light or dark, so that you can more easily search for themes that go well against light or dark backgrounds.

Themes can be edited with RGB or HSB sliders to give you complete control over your base colour. As with the theme browser, the background can be toggled between light and dark to suit the colours of the theme.

Generated themes are shown as a series of pages, which can be revealed by swiping ot tapping the page control under the palette previews.

The settings page for each theme allows you to rename the theme, lock finished themes against accidental changes with the RGB and HSB sliders, and to restrict the theme to web safe colours. Note that in some cases, subtle color schemes may generate duplicate colors when using the web-safe setting.


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